Our Philosophy
The management and the faculty of PVS College of Nursing believe that the B.Sc nursing programme is a formal educational preparation which should be based on sound educational principles. We recognize it as the foundation for nursing practice on which further professional progress is built. At the same time it is believed that the faculty have responsibility for the overall development of the students and to make provision in the program for the continued development to shape the student as a recognized individual of the society, a responsible citizen and as a committed nurse.

B.Sc Nursing program is a stepping stone for higher level of education where the students have an opportunity to upto the doctorate education. It equips the students with necessary basic skills in teaching, research and supervisory roles. Nursing is a positive health science that collaborates with all other health professions in helping Individuals, families and community to prevent illness, to maintain and promote optimum health, to recover from illness and to rehabilitate to a normal functioning capacity or to have a peaceful death.

The teacher of the program must be adequately qualified as per the INC standards and be dedicated to make a maximum contribution to the students, institution, program and thereby uplift and maintain the standard of the profession at a desired level. The curriculum for the B.Sc Nursing program acts as a guide for the teacher to provide the necessary knowledge to the students. It should be flexible, practicable and suit to the level of students by integrating the principles of teaching and learning.

Our Objectives

To provide ursing education as per the guidelines of Indian Nursing Council, KNC and KUHAS as KUHS

To utilize latest trends in educational technology to provide quality nursing education

To participate effectively in meeting the health care needs of the Society

To conduct research studies related to health care and utilize research findings to improve teaching

To contribute to the development of professional organizations in nursing

To bridge the gap between nursing education and nursing practice.